In order to apply, an entertainer must have been a full time entertainer for at least one year and provide proof such as filing taxes as an entertainer. If Covid19 has prevented applicant from working as an entertainer they must have sought other income and or employment. Entertainers Foundation is meant to help during times of hardship and tragedy, not solely for bad luck of losing gigs.

Entertainer Assistance

  • Utility Assistance will be paid directly to utility company.
  • Cash Grants are subject to availability.
  • Non-Perishable food packages are always available.

Proof of hardship required in the form of emails cancelling source of income, past due utility bill or cut off notice.

We do not intend to cover Credit Card, Bank, Vehicle, Rent, Mortgage or medical payments at this time. All assistance is subject to approval by board and exceptions may be made in the future.

The Application can be downloaded here: Download Application

Volunteers are needed for various events through out the year. If you have received assistance prior and would like to donate some time, please contact us and let us know.